A 100% Free LMS for all your needs!

Teachers – Share resources with other teachers and flipped class rooms. Corporations –  Training and new hire on-boarding. Businesses – Online manuals and product training. Anyone – Share skills, trades, or how-to, hacks, music lessons, whatever you want. 

This is YOUR LMS!

Who is it for?

Everyone with a skill or trade can make a course, whether it's music, art, science, technology, or whatever.
We believe that everyone should be able to share their skills for free.

Here's a few examples


Welding, Body & Fender, Masonry,...

Many trades need to be taught like welding, carpentry, cosmetology, fitness, how to build something or make auto repairs.


CS, GIS, HTML, SASS, etc..

People want to learn tech skills such as data science, programming, scripting, video or audio editing, GIS, networking, hacking, etc.

The Arts

Music, Dance, Painting, Kick Boxing..

There’s a lack of venues to showcase or share the arts whether it’s guitar, sculpting, ceramics, culinary, or martial arts


Create mutli-modal courses, including video, audio, documents, etc. Add assignments that require video submissions, or have drip courses where class assignments and readings are only available on certain dates.



Design music lessons and sell them with video and audio files. Teach individual golf lessons, dance instructions, give cooking classes, have fitness classes, fishing tips, etc.

Anything is possible…

Everyone has a skill to share and learn

We give you the platform to design it how you want. Users can take free courses or pay for them. Courses get rated and shared. Each course can have groups and forums where in-depth conversation can be shared by peers. There’s also a social media platform to get to know other learners and teachers!


Joining is FREE!
No monthly fees!
No membership fees!
No limits!

Sell Your Courses

You can sell your courses
Or give them away for free
A very small commission is charged for the business transactions and capability to sell. Free classes and everything else is all FREE!


Allow your message, class, corporate training, whatever you have or know, to shine and reach the world.

IT'S FREE! What do you have to lose?

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